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Users and Groups

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Group Manager / Permissions settings

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Time Event

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Restore Backup

Backup Manifest

Important: If you don't delete your existing world before restoring a backup, you may end up with a mixture of your current world and the previous backup.

New Backup


Your backup label can only be latin letters (a-Z), numbers, spaces, dashes and underscores.

File Manager

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Drag and drop to upload files, or click to download.

You may upload files with the following extensions: .yml, .json, .xml, .txt, .conf, .config, .cfg, .dat, .mca, .png, .craft, .schematic



Note: Changes to these settings are not applied until the Minecraft server is restarted.

Game Mode

The default game mode for players on the server.

Game Difficulty

How difficult the game is for players in survival mode.

Hardcore Mode

Permanently ban players upon death.

Enable Monsters

Whether or not monsters (such as zombies and skeletons) are allowed to spawn in-game

Enable Animals

Whether or not friendly animals (such as cows and pigs) are allowed to spawn in-game

Enable NPCs

Whether or not friendly mobs (such as villagers) can spawn

Allow Player v.s. Player combat

Whether or not players can harm and kill each other.

Enable 'The Nether'

Whether or not 'The Nether' can be accessed via portals.

Allow Flight

Whether or not players can use fly-hacks in survival mode.

Allow Command Blocks

Whether or not Command Blocks are permitted in-game.

Player Idle Timeout Minutes

How long to permit players to be AFK before kicking them (0 to disable)

Resource Pack

URL for the resource pack .ZIP the client should download and use.

These are settings that affect the operation of the Minecraft server

World Seed

Seed value to use for the world generator

World generator settings

Controls how the world generator will build the world

Server MOTD

Headline to show in the in-game server list

Server type

Whether to use the official server, or a mod

Server release stream

Whether to use Recommended or Beta/Snapshot builds for updates (Vanilla, CraftBukkit and ForgeMod)

Maximum Players

How many players to allow on the server.
The maximum is controlled by the McMyAdmin configuration file.

 Maximum: 8
Limit set by limits.maxplayers in McMyAdmin.conf

Generate Structures

Whether or not NPC villages and other structures should be generated

World Type

What type of world should be generated by the Minecraft server

Announce achivements

Whether or not to announce player achievements to the world

View Distance

How many chunks away from each player to load parts of the world. Reduce this value to help improve in-game lag issues.

Allow Snooping

Allow Mojang to collect information and statistics about your server.

Scheduled Backups

Include Permissions

Includes a copy of data shown in the Users and Groups tab with scheduled backups.

Include Plugins

Include copies of any .jar plugins with scheduled backups.

Include Plugin Configuration

Include copies of any plugin configuration files (.yml, .txt, etc) with scheduled backups.

Fault Recovery

Restart on severe errors

When enabled, McMyAdmin will restart the Minecraft server if it raises a 'SEVERE' error. You may need to disable this to cope with faulty/buggy plugins.





The selected world is a child world, and is backed up whenever its parent is.

Manage your existing Spigot plugins. Note that changes do not take effect until the server is restarted. Hover over a plugins header to see more information.

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Release Date:


Latest supported CraftBukkit version:

Note: These settings are stored as a browser cookie, and will only be applied locally.

Interface Color

Custom Color...

Theme Selection

The theme changes how McMyAdmin looks and feels

Disable animated transitions

If the interface feels slow, you can disable transition effects to improve performance.

Show timestamps in console view

Timestamps allow you to see when a message was sent. Users on small screens may wish to disable this to save space.

Only show chat in console

Let you to only see player and server chat messages instead of the entire server log.

Settings for features provided by McMyAdmin.

Server Name

The name to use for the welcome message and server list.

Welcome Message

A message that will be sent to users when they join the server.

Whitelist Mode

What type of whitelisting to use

Whitelist Group

Which group to use for whitelisting when 'single group' is selected.

Enable server sleeping

Puts the server to sleep after a period of inactivity to reduce resource usage, and wakes it up when a player connects. The server will still respond to query requests in this state.

Server sleep message

The message shown to users if they try to connect while the server is sleeping.

Enable status image and widget

Whether or not a banner image should be generated for this server. Updates every 5 minutes. View Image | Get Widget Code

Show as public on server list

Whether or not to show this server as being public on the McMyAdmin server list.

Permissions exporting mode

When enabled, McMyAdmin will generate permissions data for the specified plugin.

Backup overflow mode

Action to take if a scheduled backup can't run because limits are reached

mChat message format

How in-game messages should appear when using an exporting mode supporting mChat.

Player Notifications

Whitelist Message

Message to show players if they are not on the McMyAdmin managed whitelist (Requires CraftBukkit).

Show standard greetings message

Whether or not to greet new and returning players

Show access denied errors

Whether or not to give users an 'access denied' message if they try to use a McMyAdmin command they don't have access to

Display warning during world save

Notify users that there may be lag while the world is saving

Announce group changes

Announces to the server when users are added to/removed from a group

Control which users can log into McMyAdmin

User Settings

Change Password

New Password
Confirm Password

Delete User



About McMyAdmin 2

McMyAdmin Edition


McMyAdmin by CubeCoders makes it easy to manage your Minecraft Survival Multiplayer (SMP) server using its friendly web-based user interface powered by its own internal web server.

It helps to keep your server running smoothly and effectively by constantly monitoring the state of the server and taking appropriate action if something should go wrong.

McMyAdmin is ©2010-2018 CubeCoders Limited - All Rights Reserved. See LICENCE.txt for more information.

Installed Extensions


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    Installed Version

    Add Licence

    Enter an McMyAdmin Professional licence key to allow more than 10 players and enable multiuser support.

    Don't have a Professional licence? Purchase one at

    Minecraft Server

    Latest Official Server Version
    Currently Installed Version 1.1

    Install Updates

    You can chose whether to use the Official Server or CraftBukkit in Configuration > Server Settings.
    Installing an update will stop the Minecraft server if it is running.

    About Remote Assistance

    Remote Assistance allows another user to walk you through performing steps in McMyAdmin

    As the host you can visually demonstrate a set of steps to another user connected as the Guest. The guest will see a virtual mouse pointer that mirrors your actions.

    While joined as a guest, the contol panel will be disabled and you will not be able to perform any actions until the session ends.

    Please note that remote assistance only functions when logged in as the main admin user or as the secondary host user. Extra added users cannot use Remote Assistance at this time.

    Start Session


    McMyAdmin Automated Diagnostics can detect many common configuration errors, and give advice on how to resolve them. Note that if you have a rented Minecraft server, you may not be able to address some issues without assistance from your provider.

    Severity Summary:

    Fatal These issues will prevent McMyAdmin or the Minecraft server from running.
    Severe These issues may cause McMyAdmin or the Minecraft server to perform poorly, become unstable, or cause some functionality to be unavailable.
    Major Not likely to prevent the server from running, but may cause severe performance or stability issues, and should be addressed as soon as possible.
    Minor May cause minor performance or stability issues or show improper configuration.
    Indeterminate Items in this category may or may not be a problem, and how they will affect the server is unknown.
    Insignificant This isn't a problem and should not affect the server, but should be addressed if possible.
    Information Extra information that may help with diagnosing issues, but is not in itself an issue.

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